...In the state of Alabama, if you put salt on a railroad track, death is the punishment.
...If you live in Fairbanks, Alaska, forget about feeding booze to a moose, because its against the law.
...In Tombstone, Arizona, it's illegal for citizens over the age of 18-years-old to have more than one tooth missing when smiling.
...In Little Rock, Arkansas, any flirtation on city streets between men and women could garner you 30 days in jail.
...In California, which has always been a little bonkers, it's a misdemeanor to shoot at game from a moving vehicle, with the exception of a whale.
...In Colorado(Denver), dog catchers are required, for 3 days straight, to post notifications on trees in the city park and public road running through the park that notifies dogs of impounding.
...In some parts of Connecticut, it's illegal for fire trucks to go over 25 mph, at any time.
...In Lewes, Delaware, it's unlawful to wear pants with a firm-fitting waist.
...In the state of Florida, showering naked is considered to be an offense.
...In Georgia, it's against the law to keep a donkey in a bathtub.
...In the beautiful state of Hawaii, you are not allowed to put coins in your ears!
...In Idaho, a man is breaking the law if he gives his woman a box of candy under 50 pounds.
...In Champaign, Illinois, it is illegal to urinate in your neighbor's mouth
...It's against the law to talk behind somebody's back or gossip spitefully about them in Indiana.
...If you're a one armed piano player in Iowa, you must perform for free.
...In Topeka, Kansas, you are not allowed to install a bathtub.
...In Lexington, Kentucky, you are only considered to be "drunk" when you "cannot hold on to the ground"
...In Louisiana, you cannot gargle in public places.
...In Maine, you could get in big trouble with the law for stepping out of a plane that's still in flight.
...In Maryland, it's against the law to take a line to the movies.
...In Boston, Massachusetts, they still have it on the law books that it's illegal to play the fiddle.
...In Michigan, you can be sued by a robber who got injured while in your house.
...On the mean streets of any place in Minnesota, you best not cross the state line with a duck on top of your head.
...In some parts of Mississippi, you're note allowed to shave in the center of the main street.
...In Kansas city, Missouri, minors can'y buy cap pistols, but they are able to buy shotguns, without any trouble at all.
...If you're a man who resides in Omaha, Nebraska, you cannot run around the streets with a shaved chest.
...In my home state of Nevada, you can't drive a camel on a highway.
...By law, cattle crossing state roads in New Hampshire have to be fitted with a feces-collecting device.
...In New Jersey, frowning at a policeman is not just rude, it's against the law.
...In Corazozo, New Mexico, unshaven women cannot appear in public.
...If you jump off a building in the state of New York, the penalty is death.
...In North Carolina, it is illegal to sing off-key.
...In North Dakota, you better not wear shoes to bed or you're breaking the law.
...In Marian, Ohio, don't walk backwards on a city street while eating doughnuts.
...In Oklahoma, you can get thrown in the slammer for making an ugly face at a dog.
...In Myrtle Creek, Oregon, it's illegal to box with a kangaroo.
...Women in Morrisville, Pennsylvania have to have a permit to wear cosmetics.
...In Rhode Island, any marriage in which either the bride or groom is an idiot or lunatic is considered null and void.
...In Fountain Inn, South Carolina, horses are required to wear pants.
...Lying down and falling asleep in a cheese factory in South Dakota is illegal.
...Good news! Tennessee allows you to gather up and eat roadkill.
...In Texas, the Encyclopedia Britannica is banned, due to it having a formula describing how to make beer.
...If you live in Utah, you can marry your cousin, once you reach the age of 50.
...You are required to bathe on Saturdays in Barre, Vermont.
...In Norfolk, Virginia, it's against the law for a man to pat a woman on the butt.
...In Lynden, Washington drinking and dancing cannot be held at the same place.
...In Nicholas County, West Virginia, preachers cannot tell humorous stories from the pulpit.
...In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it's illegal to worry a squirrel.
...Wyoming law prohibits you from snapping a photo of a rabbit during the entire month of June.

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