Hello. My name is LEE CheongYeop. I have been living here for four months. I took a ESL class at ORT during four months and now I am looking for a job as a web master.

I am eager to learn new technology for all my life. I like to using the newest gadgets and computers. I have been spent lots of time searching and analyzing new IT products and skills such as mobile devices, computer servers and innovate program languages which can develop web pages. I am absolutely interested in technology.

I earned the master degree majored the computer science this Febrary in Korea. My specific major was computer network which is how to connect the computers all around world. My thesis proposal is "Energy-saving Dynamic Source Routing for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks." It involves a research on how we can save the nodes' energy in order to prolong their network life in mobile adhoc networks. I also took the special network classes related Cisco certification. I am good at handling the network equipments, routers and switches which are essential to install network enviornment.

I had an experience to work as a teaching assistant in my university for three years in order to maintain computer labotories(around 350 computers), make a variety of class materials for professors and be responsible for web server and message boards in department of computer science and professors' web pages. I love to help friends and co-workers with their computer problems. 

My career goal is to work as a web master for an international company. Right now, I am taking network classes at night and am ready to work in the IT field.

=== What is your greatest strength?
I am very passionate about whatever I do. I am eager to try new things all the time. so I am always highly motivated to learn. For example, the reason I quitted my job in Korea and came here is to learn English perfectly. I also take the network lectures through the internet regularly. And, of course, I like learning new things. It is my greatest strength.

=== What is your greatest weakness?
Well, I am a very healthy person. I love riding a bike and work out so much even though I was so busy in work. I think I have a lot of energy to do my best in workplace because of my regular exercises. I realized that I needed to do more to contribute to the success of my co-workers. Since then, I have constantly looked for ways to help co-workes.
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