My first class in ORT Technical Institute is similar to SDA class in Korea. The way teacher's teaching, the number of students and a small chair is similar in Korea, but the different thing is that there are several countries students such as Iraq, Ukrainian, Russian and Polish. It is my first time to talk with Iraqi people who is named Sam. Is it funny the Iraqi person's name is Sam. The more strange thing is his religion is not Islam. It is my prejudice. I am so sorry. Anyway, today is his birthday. We celebrated 29th birthday and sang birthday song. The teacher also celebrated and gave him a bunch of cupcakes. There are so many cup cakes in the box, he started to share them to each of us. He is very kind and smiley.

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After classes, I decided to keep a promise to go the library everyday for studying or reading English books. I found the best place to study, where is quiet room. There is a few people in quiet room. Whitney, the teacher, (she doesn't want to be called to teacher. I think she looks like a friend.) gave me the first homework, which is memorizing "the Preamble" until this Friday. so I had just written it 2 times today. I felt I am a elementary student in States. Because I learned about US citizenship and history. Anyway, I am interested in a history. 

There some one questions about US citizenship.
1. What is the supreme law of the land?
 - The  Constitution

2. Who makes the federal law?
 - Congress

3. How old do citizens have to be to vote for President?
 - 18

4. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
 - Thomas Jefferson

5. What territory did the United States buy from France in 1803?
 - The Louisiana Territory

6. Who did the United States fight against in World War II?
 - Japan, Germany and Italy

Good luck to your answer!
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