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College grads are eager to make the best use of their time before they get their full-time jobs. One of the most popular ways to build experience is to get an internship. In times of high unemployment, quality internships are in high demand. There are both internships that may or may not be paid. If it's a paid position, your wages will usually be disappointingly lower than those of the regular staff. Still, interns are generally happy to learn about the real world and get some hands-on experience. If the internship is for an international company, there is the added perk of being able to brush up on your language skills. The negative aspect is that there is no guarantee you will be asked to continue on as a full-benefit employee. Whatever the conditions may be, young Koreans look at these opportunities as stepping stones to a better career.

# An internship is the position held by an intern, or the period of time when someone is an intern.
# An intern is an advanced student or a recent graduate, especially in medicine, who is being given practical training under supervision.
# Someone's wages are the amount of money that is regularly paid to them for the work that they do.
# Something that is disappointingly is not as good or as large as you hoped it would be.
Hands-on experience or work involves actually doing a particular thing, rather than just talking about it or getting someone else to do it.
Perks are special benefits that are given to people who have a particular job or belong to a particular group.
# Something that is a guarantee of something else makes it certain that it will happen or that it  is true.
# You can describe a job or event as a stepping stone when it helps you to make progress, especially in your career.

# Extra Topics for Study Groups
1. Did you do an internship when you were in school?
2. What kind of internship programs have you heard of?
3. What are the benefits of doing an internship program?

# My opinion
There are many internship programs in Korea. The benefit to get an internship is to have an hands-on experience. But it is difficult for students to do both studying and working at the same time. Furthermore, the company hestitate to teach their real work specifically to internship students because they are temporary job for just one or two months. I think I prefer taking a regular job to having an internship even though getting a job is more tough than an internship. On the other hand, the company tend to hire an employee who has an internship experience in order to verify his/her ability. So, mostly companies require to have an internship career to recruit employees. The students have no choice but to accept this situation to become a permanent worker.
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