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Dozing off behind the wheel can be as dangerous as driving under the influence.However, unlike drinking and driving, there is no breathalyzer test for driving while fatigued.Drowsy motorists are responsible for thousands of fatalities each year. Sleep-related accidents are most common from midnight to dawn and during holiday seasons. Most people know when they are fighting sleep, but they just desperately want to get to their destination. Sleepiness slows down our brain functions and delays reaction time. Tactics like chewing gum, blasting music, opening the window, and slapping your own face are sometimes to no avail. Caffeine can be a temporary fix, but it still requires time to kick in to your system. If you feel your eyelids droopingthe only thing you can do is to pull over to a rest area and take a catnap.

# If you doze off, you fall into a light sleep, especially during the daytime.
Driving under the influence(DUI) of alcohol or other drugs is the act of operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol or other drugs. It is a criminal offense in most countries.
# A breathalyzer is a bag or electronic device that the police use to test whether a driver has drunk too much alcohol.
# If you are feeling fatigued, you are suffering from extreme physical or mental tiredness.
# If you feel drowsy, you feel sleepy and cannot think clearly.
# A fatality is a death caused by an accident or by violence.
# If you are desperate for something or desperate to do something, you want or need it very much indeed.
# If something droops, it hangs or leans downwards with no strength or firmness.
# A catnap is a short sleep, usually one which you have during the day.

## I've gotten a driver license since 2000. I can count to how many time I drove a car from 2000, maybe around 10 or something. Anyway, this year I renewed a driver's license even though I think I am not accustomed to drive and almost forget how to drive. The good thing is that my driver license is new one. And what is worse that I am a person who is easy to fall asleep anyplace, anytime. So I'm worrying that I would doze off behind the wheel if I drive a car. The reason why I like to ride my bicycle is that I couldn't fall asleep on a little saddle.

# Have you ever dozed off while driving?
# What are some ways to stay awake behind the wheel?
# When you are sitting in the passenger seat, what can you do to help the driver stay awake?

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