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A Person Who Has Changed My Life

     My professor, Kim gave me a chance to think about my life when I started to know him. He was my role model because I wanted to follow in his footsteps.
     He set good examples for his students. Since he was a professor who majored in computer science, he always did his best in his field. It set a good example for me to follow. He graduated from the same university that I attended. He went abroad to get a degree to follow his dream, which was to become a professor. I was surprised at his decision because it was difficult for him to move oversea alone to fulfill his desire at that time. He studied as hard as he could and finally became a professor. While I had worked as a teaching assistant, he encouraged me, telling about when he was a teaching assistant and his experience. I kept in my mind what he had done.
     He taught me the interesting history of the Internet and open-ended problem-solving. I learned that the history of the Internet is connected with all history I had memorized. Compared with other professors, he always prepared his own class material. Before starting his class, he always asked us questions about the previous class. It really helped me to remember what I had learned last class. I especially remembered the questions which had no right answer. It taught me to think outside the box. As a result, I studied happily in that class.
     When I graduated, I was so happy to say "thank you" to him. He still is my role model, and I am honored to know him. I was affected by him when I went to university. He is one who truly changed my life. 

Comments : While I have lived in Chicago for one year and two months, I hardly call or email to my professors. As I had studied and worked as a student or teaching assistant for almost seven years, I met various types of professors. Even though I am away from my school, I sometimes miss them and their class. It is for me fun and happy to sit down on the desk in order to talk a class. It is a time to write letters for them. :)
Posted by 아침형라이더