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Introduce myself

Hello, I am so happy to introduce myself to you.  My name is Cheongyeop Lee. I have been in the US for one year in order to learn English.  Before I came here, I had worked at my university as a teaching assistant for three years.  As soon as I arrived at Chicago, I started to live with my Korean roommates.  I thought if I were in the US, there would be no time to speak Korean.  But, unfortunately, there is no time ti speak English because I am surrounded with Korean in the house and work place, which is a Korean company.  The only time I can speak and write English is when I take a class.  My hobbies are riding my bike, traveling all around world and reading books.  I should read English books for my English skills.  Whenever I go to the library, I pick the Korean books and read them.  It is easier than reading English books. Why I want to learn English is to make international friends and to get a working experience for American company.  My major was computer science, especially computer network and I am working as a web makster now to support IT problems and maintain web sites.  I also like the newest gadgets such as smart phone, tablet and small devices. I believe that new technology make us convenient and easy our life. Thank you for listening.

Comments : I don't know how many times I wrote about myself. It is common to write about yourself in every writing class. I want to keep a record what I write about myself and know how much my English skills are improving. I was surprised at the one who wants to study English to go to Moody  Bible institute even though she starts to wear white hair. Strangely speaking, age is just number in US. The most important thing is how much desire and will I have to fulfill my dream. :)
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