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          Aleksii is a classmate I just met. He is taller than I and he comes from Ukraine. He is here for a yearlong intership program with a Russian engineering company. His task is learning how to operate certain machines in the company. At his work he does not speak English at all since it is a Russian company. Aleksii's degree is in Energy Saving Engineering. I don't know whether he likes this or not as we did not speak about that. He has been here only for a month and he has felt very lonely because his family and friends as well as his usual activities such as playing volleyball are all back in Ukraine. I fully understand his feelings of loneliness because I feel the same. Taking a class and improving his English gives him a social outlet, helps relax him and improves his English all at the same time. I feel the same about participating in an English class. I hope he will have a bright future in the United States.

          I've just met Cheong Lee. He's a great guy with a lot of interests. He is dreaming about cycling around the world. Up to now he has already down a round trip across Taiwan. (How long did it take him? How many miles/kilometers was it? Did he get tired? Where did he sleep? What did he eat?) Cheong likes to travel and he has visited almost all countries in Europe and Asia. (Where does he get the money from to travel? Does he combine working and traveling? How many languages does he speak?) Cheong's goal is to become a PHP web programmer. He is doing everything possible to achieve this goal. I believe he will achieve his goal as he appears to be an intensely focused and disciplined person. 

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